Wife in adult cinema

Wife in adult cinema
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What is a fair return for €50? Most guys need a little bit of time, so fellatio followed by two positions is pretty common; but some girls insist on one position and try to squeeze another €20 (or whatever) out of you for the change in position. What can you do? You can pay up or leave or finish, that’s what you can do. The girls comment that most of us don’t last very long in the €50 situation. That’s a minute of fellatio and a minute or two of penetrative sex and it’s over. That’s understandable; it’s exciting – and they kneel on the bed in front of you and all you can do is go in and out (you may or may not be given a choice of position). Obviously, guys who have ‘already visited’ tend to take longer (the girls know that you are not their first). You might also be told to hurry up or withdraw if she thinks that you are taking too long, and that can be well within your contracted fifteen minutes.
How can I minimise the risk of an unsatisfactory experience? Note that the emphasis here is on minimise not eradicate risk. Some girls will tell you what you want to hear and they will make promises that they intend to break. I make it sound a real problem area but it isn’t. We are talking about a very small minority when it comes to the totally devious but there are quite a few who will take advantage if they can get away with it. And usually they can. They have panic buttons in the room and they can summon official help rapidly (it ain’t worth getting into a confrontation. Here’s my advice. As soon as she opens the door ask , “How much do you charge?” The responses vary but you should anticipate a price of €50. Some girls say €40 but that tends to be in just two streets, although I have come across it on The Achterburgwal. Actually, one of my super-all-time-experiences started like that (LOL). I called her De Kanaal Kat and you can read about her/us in (well, you know where). You then say, “And what will you do for €50?” And she should say something like, “Suck and fuck,” although some of them prefer the taste of, “Blowjob and sex.” This heads off that thing about €50 at the door and then another €50 for the penetrative sex (usually). You might also ask, “And do you remove all your clothes?” and, “Can we do more than one position?” It depends upon how bothered you are about the last two, I guess. It’s not rocket science but I’ve lost count of the number of guys who write to me and say that they knew my advice but in the heat of the moment they forgot it, and got fucked – and not in the way that they were expecting.
When is the best time to visit? In the afternoon. There’s less of an atmosphere but the girls are more relaxed. Casual observation and discussion with the girls suggests that you get a different sort of girl during the day shift (often because they are looking for a different sort of man). The day girls tend not to be in a hurry. Some of the night girls seem keen to get the next guy in (and out). They are shooting fish in a barrel. Having said that, once you get to know a night girl, or if you are prepared to pay for at least half an hour, it can be a very pleasing experience. The problem on a first date is know whether or not to commit that extra €50 – €100. If you are ‘hot’, I wouldn’t worry about it. But an extra €50 can be money down the toilet. On the other hand, it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.
Can you take photos of the window girls from the straats and steegs? I received a mail from Felicia Anna, a window girl – see Links . It appears that the Amsterdam government is going to pass a law which literally bans photographing the window girls (there are photos prohibited signs throughout the area), along with sentences which are designed to seriously discourage the practice. It’s an occupational hazard for the girls who, for understandable reasons, don’t want an image which identifies them splashed across the Internet by some arsewipe with a secret camera or a mobile phone. The signs ‘no photos’ have been up for years and there is clearly a measure of ambiguity. I mean, are they official? Well it looks like they will be soon. It appears that this is one area where the window girls and the city council see eye to eye (albeit in a very small way in the grand scheme of things).
Question: What are the options for women looking for window men? Brianna – USA, December, 2016.
Answer: Not good. Actually, none at all. I understand that a few years ago it was tried but the take-up was somewhere between negligible and non-existent. To some extent, I guess it’s because men and women approach sex in a different way. The indications are that most men can ‘do it’ at the drop of a hat and then move on (mentally). A fifteen minute sexual diversion works for most of us. Experience suggests that women need to be in the mood and require much longer, and need to be handled just right. My guess is that most men who tried working in the windows would end up with tongues so swollen that they couldn’t get their mouths closed and then their heads would drop off. Then there’s the added problem of ‘market’ for services. How many men would have to offer a service before it became an attractive place to visit (choice) and how great would be the take up? Would it be enough to make it economically sustainable? Then there’s the issue of oral STIs and the risk of contracting the HP virus.

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