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That seemed pretty cool, and indeed, its led me to some interesting places.В First, it pointed me towards the work of Kevin Bales, who is apparently the world’s leading expert on modern slavery.В He’s President of Free the Slaves, an organization that works to end global slavery, and he’s written a couple books: Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy , and Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves . I found out about the books at 11:38 pm and literally ran to the library to check them out before the library closed.В Although Bales is interested in the much broader problem of slavery (not just sex trafficking and slavery), he makes some points that I think are quite astute:
“We know that public awareness, education, honest law enforcement, government action, economic support, support for anti-slavery workers, and rehabilitation are all key ingredients [to ending slavery].”
While I think that Bales missed some important ingredients, namely the role social entrepreneurship could play in alleviating poverty and the need to reduce demand for commercial sex, I think the point is that sex trafficking and slavery is a very complicated and big problem, and solving it will require a concerted effort of people from very different backgrounds and skills.В We need people to tackled the root causes of trafficking: poverty, lack of education, and the like.В Likewise, we need good lawyers to go after those enslaving women.В Nearly every country in the world has anti-slavery laws, but they frequently go unenforced.В And we must remember that sexual trafficking and slavery is fundamentally a human problem: shame on us if we ignore the women trapped today so that we can focus on the future.В Those freeing women from brothels and caring for them afterwards deserve our support, financial and otherwise.
I found some organizations that are doing cool and creative things in some of these areas.В International Justice Mission (IJM) is composed largely of lawyers who use their training in the law to free victims, provide for their care afterwards, prosecute perpetrators, and the like.В NightLight is an organization in Bangkok that does outreach to bargirls, brings them out of prostitution, provides long-term support and a home, etc.В They have a youtube video here.В They also employ the women in their program in a jewelry factory, selling their products to westerners.В I thought that this was an innovative idea to try to make their organization more sustainable.В The job also provides a sense of responsibility and normalcy for the women, who for the most part have never worked nine to five before.
Some of NightLight’s products can be purchased from, which is a site that sells products from similar organizations around the world.В TradeAsOne stipulates that the products they sell be good: they want purchases to be made because the stuff is cool, not a pity purchase.В This also seemed like an interesting way to get the West involved in a practical way.
But after all that, I’m still working on what my role should be…
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.
As a slight change from everything we read about/discuss everyday, I thought I’d write a post on an effort that has been successful and that provides a ray of hope among these dire issues.It’s easy to forget that despite everything that is wrong with women’s issues worldwide, there are thousands of people fighting to make it right. Anne’s book does a great job of integrating and applauding women’s groups worldwide.
In this post, I’d like to delve deep into a particular women’s group called Maiti. Maiti (meaning, Mother’s House) is a group in Nepal that works to protect Nepali girls and women from domestic violence, sex trafficking, child prostitution and child labor. Sex trafficking is a burning issue for Nepal, since the sex trade industry in India pays high prices for Nepali girls.The following map shows areas of Nepal where women are at highest risk for being trafficked (The yellow marks designate areas where Maiti has intervention outposts):
In the aforementioned intervention outposts, women who were rescued from brothels volunteer with Maiti Nepal to monitor the trafficking of girls by pimps across borders. The founder of Maiti, Anuradha Koirala, houses 80 abused/trafficked children in her own home. The efforts of both her and her staff are fully voluntary.Maiti rescues girls forced into prostitution and provides economic opportunities (i.e., employment) as a form of rehabilitation. On their website, Maiti describes their objectives:
“Rehabilitation, although not literally possible especially with former prostitutes, is one major challenge we have accepted in our work. The practical steps would be to counsel them and provide non-formal education on health, laws, basic reading and writing. They are also trained to develop income-generation skills and provided Maiti’s shelter until they are ready to stand on their feet. The sexually abused girls, abandoned children, potential victims of trafficking, destitute women, prisoner’s children, returnees from Indian brothels, girls and children infected with HIV and Hepatitis B, intercepted girls are the major target groups or say, beneficiaries of our programs.”

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