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Not sure if this story counts but you do have to be careful.
this is common situation. hotell staff sees a new tourist girl, smile to her – hi, what’s your name, where are u from… bla, bla, bla….
did your friend give her contact to anyone of them? hope, she didn’t not.
I am writting about Mohamed Rizk, real name Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Rezk, born in August 1970.
He worked in the army for number of years as an radar engineer. He sustained an injury and had to resign after a back operation.
I’ve met him on a dating site, where he stated himself as a single man. In the past week I have found out that a man was married 5 times, has 2 children in Egypt and with his 5th wife he has a one year old boy. She is on Facebook, with family pictures,etc. Some intimate details: he says to every woman, that she gives him so much pleasure like no one else and that’s why he knows shes the one.
After contacting his wife, Mohamed started asking me to block her and when he comes back from Egypt this Sunday he will tell me the whole story 4/5/2014.
He told me he doesn’t live her and he loves me, that’s why he would leave her eventually. I am sure I’m not the only 1 he has told this too.
He says that he lives in a share flat with 2 Spanish guys and works as an engineer. He’s living with his legal wife and works as a porter on occasional hours.
I was contacted on Facebook by several ladies when I started asking questions. Some approached me themselves. He sends same pictures and messages to each and everyone of them. He asked me to have his daughter for summer of 2014 so she would learn an English language. He asked me to calm down, when he comes back from Egypt he will tell me the thruth story. Some of the ladies were supporting him financially. Personally to me he said he has 3 flats and a house by the sea.
At the moment I know about 12 ladies he’s been seing for the past year 2013/2014.
Why I’m doing this? Not for revenge. I’m doing it because I believe he should be exposed.
This picture he send me and some other women I know. Showing that he enjoys holidays in Egypt where he is staying with one of his ex-wife’s.
does anyone know a Mahmoud Ibrahim from sharm?
Is there any website with names of lovescammers in Hurghada?
russian websites are,
I thought that I was wise, and after many stories before, I believed I would never be so stupid to fall for a guy who would scam me in anyway. I thought that was usually older, lonely women who did that as they were desperate for love.
I thought the guys that women need to be wary of in sharm are the openly pervy ones. But, every women knows these men are bad news. But, the true scam artists are the ones who appear normal, and respectful, offering friendship (at first), and say they are ‘open minded’.
I fell for an Egyptian guy who was all of these things whilst on holiday in sharm. I truly believed he was different, he really had a talent of making me feel around familiar ground. He befriended me, gained my trust, then sweet talked me declaring love and all sorts. I was a fool and returned to Egypt, and before I went I got things from UK shops that he asked for for his friends, and he told me he would give me the money back….never happened. When I was there we also got an ORFI marriage. This was a complete secret to his family, he said they would be ashamed if they knew, and his mother had already called me a ‘European slut’.
When I came back from holidays He would talk about the future, he said he wanted to marry me but spoke of living in my country, the UK. When I told him that I did not earn enough to sponsor a spouse, that was it. He changed, and went out every night with girls to night clubs. Then I was told he was cheating on me by someone else, and he tried to turn the whole thing around, blaming me for the relationship ending.
He then blocked me, and cut all contact. I was very upset, but then thought perhaps it was for the best, his family would only ever accept me if I converted to Islam (turns out he wasn’t open minded at all), and I wasn’t prepared to do that.
Then he started talking to me again, telling me sweet words such as I was the best girl he’s met and he can’t lose me as a friend….then he tells me he’s broke as sharm has no tourists, and he has no money for rent or food. He then asked, not even saying please, if I would send him ?200 by bank transfer.
Maybe I am cynical, but I feel used. For sex, a possible visa, and then for money. But he realised that I was not a great victim for this as I am only young and don’t earn that much to get anyone a visa. But what he has done has made me feel cheap, I feel guilty and like a whore for being intimate with someone that I thought loved me and I loved him. He has convinced me that Egyptian guys are bad news full stop, as even the seemingly nice ones are rotten at their core, seeing us western girls as trash .
Raila hits back at Mwaura over deregistration, calls ODM rebels prostitutes.

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No. My sons are one year old. My daughter is seven. They are too young to understand. To my daughter I try to explain that the people working behind the windows are selling kisses. You adjust the story to the age. I am not embarrassed about the way I make my money. It is an honest living.
Would you be ok if your daughter was a prostitute?
I would have a hard time with it for two reasons. The idea that your daughter is having sex with all kinds of men scares every parent and of course I understand that now more than ever. On the other hand it is still stigmatized. Some people have the idea that the girls or guys working in this industry are not educated or have mental problems and of course with some that is the case. We are not all the same. But, you have prostitutes that are very strong independent women that choose to make their money this way. But it is still hard and that is the reason that a lot of girls have a double life.
What do you mean by prostitutes leading a double life?
They don’t tell anyone what they are doing. One day they are at school and the next they are a prostitute.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about prostitution?
The biggest misconceptions are that every prostitute is a victim because they make their money in this industry and that all the girls are forced into it. Of course with ‘force’ you have to look at what that means. Does that mean forced with a gun to her head or forced by circumstance because they do not have any money or because of a situation they are in. But there are also people that choose to do this. They are ok with the fact that they make their money this way.
Do you think you would do it if it was illegal?
Yes. It is the oldest profession in the world. It will never go away. If you have people that need prostitutes you will always have prostitutes.
It is interesting that we live in a culture where it is ok to pay for boob jobs but not blow jobs.
People understand changing something about themselves but not everybody can understand being a prostitute. People cannot relate to that which they cannot understand especially because prostitution is a very gray area. It is not out in the open so people have all kinds of ideas about it. They think that prostitutes are on drugs, that this is criminal behavior, that they are impoverished. People do not want to think that people that work in this industry could be like you. That is quite a scary idea – that you could be somebody that could do this and I think that is why people want to keep their distance from it.
No, but I don’t like kissing in general. But a lot of people that work in prostitution do because that is an intimate thing for them.
Have you ever found yourself falling in love with your clients or have feelings of intimacy towards them?
Not falling in love with them, no. Of course there were some I really liked and I always enjoyed myself when they came over but for me the moment someone comes over and pays me – they are a customer. We can have a great time and a lot of laughs but they are still a customer.
I have heard that the women live in the rooms behind their windows, is that true?
No, that is not allowed.
Have you ever been asked to have sex without condoms?
Yes. Of course, we are not holy people. We all make mistakes. For me that is going too far but of course I have done stupid things. If you work professionally and you think about what you are doing you don’t do that. We don’t live in utopia. We all make human mistakes.
When someone asks you outside of work what you do, what do you tell them?
Working in prostitution is not the first thing I tell someone. If someone asks me if I work in prostitution I will not deny it. I am not ashamed.
Would you say that you are proud of it?
Proud is a very big word but I am also not embarrassed or ashamed of it either.
What are the stranger things people have asked you to do?
To pee on them, which I am ok with. If they want to get peed on or pooped on I am ok with that as long as it is not me and as long as they pay for it.
Have you pooped on someone?
I have. He puked afterwards, but that is his problem.
How do guys you have dated react to you being a prostitute?
My first boyfriend had a hard time with it. He couldn’t handle me having sex with all of these other men. My current boyfriend is ok with it. He understands that it is a job for me.
How often are you tested for STDs?
If you work on a daily basis then of course it is important that you get tested at least once every two or three months but you have to do it on a regular basis.
Do you get worried when you get tested or are you pretty confident that you will be ok?
I am confident. I am careful. I think you have less reason to be afraid when you work professionally in prostitution than when you pick up guys at a bar – then you are more careless.
Why do you think guys come to you?
(Laughing) Because they like my type. There are all kinds of reasons. There are guys that are single that don’t want to spend all night in a bar buying girls drinks and then they have to wait to see if they can have sex with them. There are married men that want something exciting besides their wife. There are also people that have never done it before and are afraid to pick someone up, so they do it with a prostitute.

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Support of prostitution is pervasive in political circles, as BBC News reported in 2003. “MPs from Thailand’s ruling Thai Rak Thai Party are getting hot under the collar over plans by the party leadership to ban them from having mistresses or visiting brothels. ” One MP told The Nation newspaper that if the rules were enforced, the party would only be able to field around 30 candidates, compared to its more than 200 sitting MPs.” [38]
Attitudes towards women were exemplified by MP Thirachai Sirikhan, quoted in The Nation , “To have a mia noi [mistress] is an individual’s right. There should be no problem as long as the politician causes no trouble to his family or society“. [38]
After a police raid on some Bangkok parlours where policemen had sex with prostitutes, “Acting Suthisan Police chief Colonel Varanvas Karunyathat defended the police action, saying that the (police) officers involved needed to have sex with the masseuses to gain evidence for the arrest.” [39] Apparently, this is standard practice as a separate police force did the same in Pattaya in May 2007. [40]
Interview with a Thai human rights activist.
Kritaya Archavanitkul, a Thai human rights activist, interviewed by UC Berkeley Institute of International Studies, said,
This is sad to say, that the Thai social structure tends to accept this sort of abuse, and not only to accept – we have laws, we have bills that vitally support the existence of these sex establishments. That’s one thing. And also, we have a Mafia that is also involved in the political parties, so this keeps the abuse going. The second reason is a cultural factor. I don’t know about other countries, but in Thailand the sexual behaviour of Thai men accepts prostitution. Every class of Thai men accept it, although not all Thai men practise it. So they don’t see it as a problem. So when it comes to the policymakers, who are mostly men, of course, they don’t see this as a problem. They know there are many women who are brought into prostitution in Thailand. They know that some are treated with brutal violence. But they don’t think it’s a terrible picture. They think it’s just the unlucky cases. And, because of the profit, I think there are many people with an interest involved, so they try to turn a blind eye to this problem. [41]
According to a Library of Congress study published in 2003, “The red-light districts of Thai cities are home to. brothels, casinos, and entertainment facilities that function both as sources of income and as operations centers for trafficking in humans. ” [42] :44.
In the book Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy , Kevin Bales argues that in Thai Buddhism, women are viewed as naturally inferior to men, and that Buddha told his disciples that women were “impure, carnal, and corrupting.” [43] This is also supported by the belief that women cannot attain enlightenment, although this view is disputed by other Buddhist scriptures such as the Vinaya Pitaka in the Pali Canon. [44] The current Dalai Lama has repeatedly asserted that women can attain enlightenment and function as equals to men in spiritual matters, but his branch of Buddhism is not the one practised in Thailand, which has its own particular agglomeration of beliefs. Bales also points to the fact that ten kinds of wives are outlined in the Vinaya, or rules for monks. Within these rules, the first three are actually women who can be paid for their services. [43] In present day Thailand, this is expressed as a tolerance by wives for prostitution. Sex with prostitutes is viewed by wives as empty sex, and thus women may allow their husbands to have meaningless sex with prostitutes rather than find a new spouse.
Buddhism also prescribes “acceptance and resignation in the face of life’s pain and suffering”, [43] in accordance with belief in karma and the expiation of sins from previous lives. Women may choose to believe that suffering as prostitutes is the result of their karma.
Prostitution and crime in Thailand.
The exact number of child-prostitutes in Thailand is not known. According to the US-based research institute “Protection Project”, estimates of the number of children involved in prostitution living in Thailand ranges from 12,000 to the hundreds of thousands (ECPAT International). The government, university researchers, and NGOs estimated that there are as many as 30,000 to 40,000 prostitutes under 18 years of age, not including foreign migrants (US Department of State, 2005b). Thailand’s Health System Research Institute estimates that children in prostitution make up 40% of prostitutes in Thailand. [45]
The reasons why and how children are commercially sexually exploited by include: [46]
Poverty: a high proportion of the population lives in poverty. Ethnic hill tribe children: these children live in the border region of northern Thailand. They suffer from disproportionate levels of poverty in relation to the general population and most of them lack citizenship cards. This means that they do not have access to health care or primary school, which limits their further education or employment opportunities. Trafficked children: Many children are trafficked into or within the country through criminal networks, acquaintances, former trafficking victims and border police and immigration officials who transport them to brothels across Thailand. Sense of duty: According to traditional customs, the first duty of a girl is to support her family in any way she can. Due to this sense of duty and to pay off family debts, many girls have been forced into prostitution.

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The above expedition of March 1657 did not solve the issue, in fact subsequently there occurred more clashes with the rebels, who even besieged the Spanish fortress of ‘ Santiago de los Caballeros ’.
Another document tells us of some of the events that occurred during the siege, during this long period of war, the Spanish soldiers to garrison the fortress of ‘Santiago de los Caualleros ‘ suffered hunger for the shortage of food caused by the continuous war against the Dutch, the Ternatese and Tidorese rebels. As the garrison of the fort was without food and without the ability to receive it from Ternate, because of the siege, to which they were subjected by the enemy, Joseph de Garces (who was in charge of the fort) decided to attack with a force of infantry a village of the enemy to raid the food. For this purpose Juan Rodriguez de Origuey was sent with two other soldiers on reconnaissance, they were able to spy on enemies and managed to catch one enemy and to have information, which then led to the conquest and capture of the enemy village. With the food found in the village the Spaniards were able to sustain for two days, very little, but fortunately four days after this arrived from Manila the rescue that allowed the Spaniards to continue to resist the siege. A few days after this event the Dutch and Ternatese rebels entrenched and besieged with artillery a fortress ‘ nuestra ’32 For the rescue of the garrison of this fort some soldiers were sent, including Juan de Origuey. They remained in defense of this fortress as long as the rebellion lasted, occasionally making forays in order to nourish plants and other wild food. The fort of Gomafo infact, being located on a high hill overlooking the city of the king of Tidore, was not easily supplied with food during a prolonged siege. Garzes informs us that during this period, many Spanish soldiers of the fort passed to the enemy, infact they could no longer tolerate hunger. Furthermore the enemies besieged every night a village of Tidorese friends of the Spaniards,33 located near the Spanish fort, to burn and destroy it and so the Spanish sent as garrison in the village a troop of infantry. In 1658, the enemy having left the trenches in which they besieged the Spanish fort, a troop of soldiers attacked the enemies, putting them to flee. The siege lasted almost a year and Origuey tells us that the Spaniards suffered hunger, having to eat trees and wild herbs, because of these hardships more than 100 soldiers went to the enemy.34 After these events the Spaniards remained at Tidore for a few more years, and as we shall see, dismantled some garrisons on the island already, starting in 1661-1662.
Now let us see in detail such forts the Spaniards occupied or built on the island of Tidore, in the period between 1606 and 1663. In Spanish documents, I have consulted, are mentioned about a dozen of names of forts, 35 or so garrisons on the island of Tidore, which, however, are not always easy to tell where they were actually located and during what period they were actually occupied by Spanish troops. Sometimes the same fort is called by different names at different times. The actual position of the forts is very difficult to define, according to data, I could gather, these are the most probable locations of the Spanish forts on the island of Tidore:
Chobo: (Cobo, extreme northern tip of the island)
Rume: (Rum, northwest of the island)
Marieco: (Marieko, west of the island, directly on the beach)
Tomanira (probably also Marieco el Chico): (just south of Marieko, was built on a high place, near Marieco (about half a league from Marieco (2960 m)).
Marieco el Chico (probably Tomanira): ‘media legua’ (2960 m) from Marieko.
Sokanora: (just south of Soa Siu, half a league (2960 m) south of the Lugar Grande, on a hill near the sea)
Tahula, Santiago de los Caballeros: (Soa Siu, located on a hill above the sea overlooking the Lugar Grande, south of it)
Baluarte del Principe: (Soa Siu, ‘ fuerte de abajo ’ located on the beach under Tahula)
Gomafo: (Soa Siu, fort of the King of Tidore, located on a hill in the interior facing to the sea)
Fuerte de los Portugueses: (just north of Soa Siu, located north of the Lugar Grande 3 shots of espingarda 750 m), or a quarter of a league (1480 m) or a big gun shot (1000 m))
Map of Tidore, which shows the probable sites of Spanish forts. Author Marco Ramerini.
Gomafo: Fort of the King of Tidore.
Marieco: (1614 and 1619) Dutch Fort.
All other forts: Spanish forts.
Continue: Defenses of the city of the King: Lugar Grande De El Rey (Soa Siu)
Tidore 1643 Tidore 1660 Ternate and Tidore, Indonesia.
Tidore Fort Tohula, Tidore, Indonesia. Author van de Wall (1928) Fort Tohula, Tidore, Indonesia. Author van de Wall (1928)
1 “Instruccion a Juan de Esquivel para conservacion Terrenate, 02-11-1606” AGI: Patronato,47,R.17.
In all probability the date November 2, 1606 is wrong, because Acuna died in June 1606, being a copy, it may have been a copyist’s error; the date May 2, 1606 seems to be plausible.
2 Argensola, Bartolome Leonardo de “ Conquista de las islas Malucas ” (Madrid, 1609) (Madrid, 1992) 343.

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Olajide, who worked as a prostitute in Vancouver, was found dead in the woods near Agassiz. Police, who believe she fell victim to a serial killer, recently cleared the prime suspect using DNA analysis.
Pipe’s body was found just eight kilometres from where Olajide’s was discovered. Police believe they were killed by the same person.
Parr’s partially clad body was found in the Knox Mountain Park area. Police said she had worked as a prostitute.
Skye disappeared from her hometown of Vernon and her remains were found near there in November. She used drugs, but did not usually work in the sex trade. Police do not believe her murder is linked to others.
The Yukon woman was hitchhiking south along the Alaska Highway and was last seen in Prophet River on July 17. A week later, her body was found near the Kiskatinaw Provincial Park.
Whalen, who worked the Mount Pleasant stroll, was last seen alive in the 900-block East Broadway and reported missing a month later. Her remains were discovered near the Seymour River on April 2, 1990.
Lidguerre, who worked the streets near Main and Hastings, disappeared in July. Her skeletal remains were found two years later on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. Police suspect she may have fallen prey to the person who killed Tracy Olajide and others.
Nelson’s decomposed body was found in a bush area near No. 5 Road. A known prostitute with the street name Wanda, she worked the corner of Bute and Davie.
O’Brien, who worked as a prostitute in Vancouver, was last seen shortly after midnight in the 1500-block Powell Street. Her body was found the next day in a rain-filled ditch in Richmond.
June 1, ’97: Cassandra Lailoni Antone, 20.
Antone, the mother of a five-month old baby, worked as a prostitute in the Main and Hastings area of Vancouver. Her charred body was found by a hiker in a remote area of Richmond.
Threlfall, who was working as a prostitute, was found murdered in the north lane of the 200 block West Fifth. She had been strangled.
Tatrai, who was involved in drugs and the sex trade, was found in an underground parking lot in the 1400-block East Broadway. She was stabbed to death.
Peters, who worked as a prostitute, was found strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted in the 4900-block St. Catherines.
April 7, ’88: Marjorie Madeline Vedan, 41.
A mother of four who worked as a prostitute near Main and Hastings, Vedan was stabbed numerous times in her apartment on East Seventh.
Worked as a prostitute in Mount Pleasant, was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled. Her body was found in a lane behind 6400-block Knight.
Christenson, a prostitute, was found slain in her apartment on Kingsway. She was severely beaten and stabbed.
A prostitute who used the street name Dusty,Sowan was found murdered in the south lane of the 700-block West 24th Avenue. A mother of an infant, she had been beaten and strangled.
Worked as a prostitute in Mount Pleasant, went missing in October, 1988. Her skeletal remains were found the following spring in a shallow grave on the University Endowment Lands.
Taylor’s body was found on a plastic sheet in the 3600-block of Pine Crescent in Shaughnessy. She had been strangled. Police at the time said there was no evidence she worked as a prostitute, but described her as having a “free lifestyle.”
Nov. 21, ’91: Bernadine Standingready, 26.
Standingready’s body was found in an auto-wrecking yard in the 700-block Cordova. She had been beaten to death. Police said she had a record for soliciting.
Black’s body was found in a dumpster in the south lane of the 2000block Hastings wrapped in a grey sheet with patterned squares. She had worked as a prostitute.
Vancouvers Downtown Eastside.
Catherine Mary Brown.Missing since 1977.
Regrettably, we are no closer to finding out what happened to Catherine Mary Brown.Missing since 1977 We will continue to investigate this as a missing person’s case and also seek to gain a clearer understanding of why Robert Sturcz believes that he witnessed the murder of his mother in their family home so many years ago.Catherine Mary Brown was Aboriginal and would now be 76 years old.
Elaine Allenbach [Lisa Morrison, Nancy Boyd], 26 April 1965, 15 March 1986, 11 April 1986.
Cindy Louise Beck, 17 April 1965, 30 September 1997, 30 April 1998.
Linda Jean Coombes, 1959, November 1993, 4 April 1999.
Sarah Jean deVries, 12 May 1969, 14 April 1998, 21 April 1998.
Sheila Catherine Egan, 4 August 1978, 14 July 1998, 5 August 1998.
Michelle Gurney, 11 February 1969, 11 December 1998, 22 December 1998.
Inga Monique Hall, 25 January 1952, 26 February 1998, 3 March 1998.
Janet Gail Henry, 10 April 1961, 26 June 1997, 28 June 1997.
Rose Anne Jansen, 1948, 23 October 1991, 24 October 1991.
Angela Rebecca Jardine, 23 June 1971, 20 November 1998, 6 December 1998.
Catherine Maureen Knight, 5 May 1969, April 1995, 11 November 1995.
Stephanie Marie Lane, 28 March 1976, 11 January 1997, 11 March 1997.

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