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“Little” Danny Castellano.
Birds of a Feather: She and Mindy bond immediately over boys. Bratty Teenage Daughter: In her second appearance. She’s claiming to be legitimately troubled, but Mindy sees through it and realizes she’s just normal acting out. Delinquent Hair: In her second appearance, she’s got several colored stripes as part of her “rebellion.” Took a Level in Jerkass: In her first appearance, she’s a good kid who gets along with everybody. A year later and she’s a Bratty Teenage Daughter that hates everything. We Named the Monkey “Jack”: Looks like Danny’s father likes the name.
Tattooed Crook: Played Straighter than it is with Morgan: Lou has a tattoo that reads “No More Killing People” and a sizable neck tattoo. The Ghost: He’s been mentioned before but hasn’t appeared (until season 3)
Brendan and Duncan Deslauriers (The Midwives)
Deadpan Snarker Jerkass: Both of Them. But moreso Brendan than Duncan, since the latter hardly ever speaks. Older Than They Look: Brendan mentions celebrating Duncan’s 60th birthday. Not So Above It All: After spending the episode denying they were trying to win the triathlon, they reveal they’re just as petty as the Shulman cast. Satellite Character: Duncan doesn’t do much but hover around Brendan or hang out with Morgan. Sitcom Archnemesis: To the doctors. Smug Snake: Duncan. Straw Feminist: Brendan. The Stoic: Both of them. Unresolved Sexual Tension: Brendan with Mindy.
Reagan “Ray Ron” Ronald.
The Ditz: He interprets the traditional anniversary gift of “China” as the country. Lower-Class Lout: Is generally depicted as this. “Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist” deconstructs this though, as Tamra accuses Mindy of disliking Ray Ron because of their class differences, even though he has many good qualities too. Nice Guy: In spite of everything he really seems like a sweet guy. Only Known by Their Nickname.
All Women Are Lustful: Hers and Danny’s second relationship goes down the tubes because she’s more interested in sex than he is. New Old Flame: Danny’s ex-wife who shows in the middle of the first season. Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: When she’s with Danny, she’s fairly reasonable (other than the fact she cheated on Danny in their past relationship). However, when they breakup, she snaps (literally, she breaks his computer in two), throws an art gala event of nude pictures of Danny calling him a devil, and forces herself on Dr. Leotard. Your Cheating Heart: Danny caught her cheating, leading to their divorce.
Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Gwen is a regular character during the first season, but she and her family inexplicably disappear from the show by season 2. Emotional Regression: Being childhood friends, Gwen and Mindy seem to have this effect on each other, as they often end up fighting like schoolgirls. Only to make up a soon after.
Ambiguously Brown: Her exact ethnicity was never specified but her last name implies that she was Italian-American though her skin is much darker than Danny’s. For what it’s worth, Amanda Setton is of Syrian and Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Nice Girl: Very sweet natured and kind to everyone, except maybe Morgan who doesn’t exactly help himself. Odd Friendship: With Betsy given Their wildly different backgrounds, demeanours and personalities. Put on a Bus: Halfway through season 1.
Polychrome sculptures in Romeo and Juliet and The Winter’s Tale.
Since the Reformation, English onlookers have been used to unadorned, unpainted sculptures. However, in The Winter’s Tale , Shakespeare structures the plot around Hermione’s painted statue. Its lifelike appearance serves to enlighten King Leontes about his former tragic errors. Interestingly enough, in Romeo and Juliet , the playwright had already presented the supposedly ‘deadlike’ Juliet as a recumbent statue. So, these two plays may be regarded as part of a diptych as far as the dramatic and aesthetic function of the statue-like female character is concerned. In their reactions when confronted with the coloured “statues” of their beloved, Romeo and Leontes indeed raise several questions as to the role played by the work of art.
Depuis la Reforme, le public anglais a ete habitue a des sculptures sans fioritures ni peinture. Cependant, dans Le Conte d’hiver , Shakespeare structure son intrigue autour de la statue peinte d’Hermione. Son apparence vivante permet au roi de prendre conscience de ses anciennes erreurs. Fait troublant, dans Romeo et Juliette , le dramaturge avait deja presente Juliette, censee etre morte et enterree, comme une statue de gisant.
Cet article commencera par mettre l’accent sur l’ambivalence de la couleur au debut de l’Angleterre moderne afin d’analyser la signification des statues polychromes, avant d’aborder les « scenes de la statue » dans les deux pieces pour mettre en valeur leurs diverses fonctions. Enfin, je montrerai que, pour etre comprises, Romeo et Juliette et Le Conte d’hiver doivent etre replacees dans un contexte artistique complexe, celui d’une epoque ou les Anglais s’inspiraient d’un style continental et plus specifiquement italien pour remodeler l’identite de leur pays.
1 In 1611, Randle Cotgrave defines the term in his manual, A dictionarie of the French and English t (. )

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