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Jffc eric the midget
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Olajide, who worked as a prostitute in Vancouver, was found dead in the woods near Agassiz. Police, who believe she fell victim to a serial killer, recently cleared the prime suspect using DNA analysis.
Pipe’s body was found just eight kilometres from where Olajide’s was discovered. Police believe they were killed by the same person.
Parr’s partially clad body was found in the Knox Mountain Park area. Police said she had worked as a prostitute.
Skye disappeared from her hometown of Vernon and her remains were found near there in November. She used drugs, but did not usually work in the sex trade. Police do not believe her murder is linked to others.
The Yukon woman was hitchhiking south along the Alaska Highway and was last seen in Prophet River on July 17. A week later, her body was found near the Kiskatinaw Provincial Park.
Whalen, who worked the Mount Pleasant stroll, was last seen alive in the 900-block East Broadway and reported missing a month later. Her remains were discovered near the Seymour River on April 2, 1990.
Lidguerre, who worked the streets near Main and Hastings, disappeared in July. Her skeletal remains were found two years later on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver. Police suspect she may have fallen prey to the person who killed Tracy Olajide and others.
Nelson’s decomposed body was found in a bush area near No. 5 Road. A known prostitute with the street name Wanda, she worked the corner of Bute and Davie.
O’Brien, who worked as a prostitute in Vancouver, was last seen shortly after midnight in the 1500-block Powell Street. Her body was found the next day in a rain-filled ditch in Richmond.
June 1, ’97: Cassandra Lailoni Antone, 20.
Antone, the mother of a five-month old baby, worked as a prostitute in the Main and Hastings area of Vancouver. Her charred body was found by a hiker in a remote area of Richmond.
Threlfall, who was working as a prostitute, was found murdered in the north lane of the 200 block West Fifth. She had been strangled.
Tatrai, who was involved in drugs and the sex trade, was found in an underground parking lot in the 1400-block East Broadway. She was stabbed to death.
Peters, who worked as a prostitute, was found strangled, beaten and sexually assaulted in the 4900-block St. Catherines.
April 7, ’88: Marjorie Madeline Vedan, 41.
A mother of four who worked as a prostitute near Main and Hastings, Vedan was stabbed numerous times in her apartment on East Seventh.
Worked as a prostitute in Mount Pleasant, was beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled. Her body was found in a lane behind 6400-block Knight.
Christenson, a prostitute, was found slain in her apartment on Kingsway. She was severely beaten and stabbed.
A prostitute who used the street name Dusty,Sowan was found murdered in the south lane of the 700-block West 24th Avenue. A mother of an infant, she had been beaten and strangled.
Worked as a prostitute in Mount Pleasant, went missing in October, 1988. Her skeletal remains were found the following spring in a shallow grave on the University Endowment Lands.
Taylor’s body was found on a plastic sheet in the 3600-block of Pine Crescent in Shaughnessy. She had been strangled. Police at the time said there was no evidence she worked as a prostitute, but described her as having a “free lifestyle.”
Nov. 21, ’91: Bernadine Standingready, 26.
Standingready’s body was found in an auto-wrecking yard in the 700-block Cordova. She had been beaten to death. Police said she had a record for soliciting.
Black’s body was found in a dumpster in the south lane of the 2000block Hastings wrapped in a grey sheet with patterned squares. She had worked as a prostitute.
Vancouvers Downtown Eastside.
Catherine Mary Brown.Missing since 1977.
Regrettably, we are no closer to finding out what happened to Catherine Mary Brown.Missing since 1977 We will continue to investigate this as a missing person’s case and also seek to gain a clearer understanding of why Robert Sturcz believes that he witnessed the murder of his mother in their family home so many years ago.Catherine Mary Brown was Aboriginal and would now be 76 years old.
Elaine Allenbach [Lisa Morrison, Nancy Boyd], 26 April 1965, 15 March 1986, 11 April 1986.
Cindy Louise Beck, 17 April 1965, 30 September 1997, 30 April 1998.
Linda Jean Coombes, 1959, November 1993, 4 April 1999.
Sarah Jean deVries, 12 May 1969, 14 April 1998, 21 April 1998.
Sheila Catherine Egan, 4 August 1978, 14 July 1998, 5 August 1998.
Michelle Gurney, 11 February 1969, 11 December 1998, 22 December 1998.
Inga Monique Hall, 25 January 1952, 26 February 1998, 3 March 1998.
Janet Gail Henry, 10 April 1961, 26 June 1997, 28 June 1997.
Rose Anne Jansen, 1948, 23 October 1991, 24 October 1991.
Angela Rebecca Jardine, 23 June 1971, 20 November 1998, 6 December 1998.
Catherine Maureen Knight, 5 May 1969, April 1995, 11 November 1995.
Stephanie Marie Lane, 28 March 1976, 11 January 1997, 11 March 1997.

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