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Finding Girls For Sex in Budapest, Hungary.
by GuysNightlife · Published August 25, 2016 · Updated February 14, 2018.
Finding girls for sex in Budapest has always been easy and still is to this day as this guide will show. It is one of the best places in Europe to go when looking for hookers and great nightlife.
There is a solid combination of cheap prices and beautiful women that is very hard to beat. It has always been thought of as a good place for single guys to visit and in 1999 prostitution became legal in Hungary which is why there is so much information to share in this Budapest sex guide.
Street prostitutes and ladies of the night are still out and about but now many girls are moving to the internet. You can easily meet hookers online in this city and that is where we will start first.
There are also many erotic sex massage parlors and at some of them you will find really stunning girls. Plus you can find many brothels that are a bit more formal than the online apartment hunting previously talked about.
The brothels are not legal but they are definitely tolerated and you would be very unlucky to get caught up in a sting. Strip clubs are also around but they are pretty bad value with so much other real fun available for a good price.
Overall the prostitution is great here and this Budapest sex guide has a lot to offer. Plus foreign men can meet a good woman in this city who they don’t have to pay if they want to put in a little effort.
Meeting Hungarian Hookers Online.
The top nod in our Budapest sex guide has to go to meeting hookers online. This can easily be done just by Googling ‘prostitutes in Budapest’ or by visiting some online escort review sites.
The best of the bunch is Rosszlanyok, but Beszamolok is pretty good also. On these escort review sites the hookers put up a profile listing their prices and the services that they offer.
Then the guys who go with them can come back and leave reviews or star ratings. This is a great way to meet Budapest hookers online and have some idea of how they will perform when you meet them.
Plus you will also know whether their pictures are real or not so you don’t fall for any bait n switch schemes. The price for sex with Budapest online escorts can vary a lot since they are freelancers and can set their own price.
Most will charge around 20k-25k Florint for an hour which is in the $80-$100 range at the current rate of exchange. Some of the hottest may charge more, some of the less attractive ladies may charge less.
Overall this is the best way to find sex in this city. Take some time to find a highly rated and reviewed girl and you should have a great time with her as well.
For foreign men it can be a bit hard to chat with some of these online prostitutes. Luckily the escort review sites can be translated to English by clicking the flag in the top right corner.
Buy a local sim card when you find the girl you like and text her, hopefully if you use Google Translate you will be able to exchange enough details to set up a meet.
Finding Street Prostitutes In Budapest.
Before the internet the streets here were flooded with prostitutes. Now there are still some but most of the action has moved online. You actually may get quoted a worse price from a girl on the street then you would from a sexier online girl.
If you enjoy the street hunt then don’t worry you will still have many options to choose from. Nepliget Park over by TIT Planetarium is a good place to check out first.
Vaci Vuta is the main street in the city and most foreign men will be propositioned by many girls as you walk by. Check out the streets near the Danube River in District V and VI. In many cities the railway stations can be good hunting grounds and they are here as well.
Head to the areas near the Ferencvaros Station or the Kileti Pu Station around Chazar Andras Utca Ulloi St and Thokoly St and you should find what you are looking for.
Many of the nicer hotels will also have ladies of the night standing around outside. Some main ones to target are the Meridian Hotel and Sofitel Budapest but hookers here love to stay near the expensive hotels.
Erotic Sex Massage Parlors In Budapest.
There are quite a few erotic sex massage parlors in Budapest so you won’t have any trouble locating them. That said there are two main ones that seem to have the best reputation in the area.
If you are looking for a happy ending massage in Budapest then the first place you should go is Massage House at Rozsa Utca 101. They can do it all from:
Pesti Massage at 1055 Stollar Bela Utca 3a is the other main place to go for an erotic sex massage. They can do it all as well and are known to have a very beautiful staff.
Also try out Pleasing Massage where you can get a fully nude body to body massage. Sadly the ending will only be a handjob, and we also have heard they may be closed now.
Dream House at Aradi Street 52 and Happy Massage at 1138 Pannonia Street may also be worth looking into. Outside of those men’s erotic spas the others can be hit or miss.
Choose the one with the sexiest girls and hope they give good service. At the five listed above you should get a real massage treatment before the happy ending, where as many of the other erotic sex massage parlors in Budapest are more like brothels with little to no rub down first.

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