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No. My sons are one year old. My daughter is seven. They are too young to understand. To my daughter I try to explain that the people working behind the windows are selling kisses. You adjust the story to the age. I am not embarrassed about the way I make my money. It is an honest living.
Would you be ok if your daughter was a prostitute?
I would have a hard time with it for two reasons. The idea that your daughter is having sex with all kinds of men scares every parent and of course I understand that now more than ever. On the other hand it is still stigmatized. Some people have the idea that the girls or guys working in this industry are not educated or have mental problems and of course with some that is the case. We are not all the same. But, you have prostitutes that are very strong independent women that choose to make their money this way. But it is still hard and that is the reason that a lot of girls have a double life.
What do you mean by prostitutes leading a double life?
They don’t tell anyone what they are doing. One day they are at school and the next they are a prostitute.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about prostitution?
The biggest misconceptions are that every prostitute is a victim because they make their money in this industry and that all the girls are forced into it. Of course with ‘force’ you have to look at what that means. Does that mean forced with a gun to her head or forced by circumstance because they do not have any money or because of a situation they are in. But there are also people that choose to do this. They are ok with the fact that they make their money this way.
Do you think you would do it if it was illegal?
Yes. It is the oldest profession in the world. It will never go away. If you have people that need prostitutes you will always have prostitutes.
It is interesting that we live in a culture where it is ok to pay for boob jobs but not blow jobs.
People understand changing something about themselves but not everybody can understand being a prostitute. People cannot relate to that which they cannot understand especially because prostitution is a very gray area. It is not out in the open so people have all kinds of ideas about it. They think that prostitutes are on drugs, that this is criminal behavior, that they are impoverished. People do not want to think that people that work in this industry could be like you. That is quite a scary idea – that you could be somebody that could do this and I think that is why people want to keep their distance from it.
No, but I don’t like kissing in general. But a lot of people that work in prostitution do because that is an intimate thing for them.
Have you ever found yourself falling in love with your clients or have feelings of intimacy towards them?
Not falling in love with them, no. Of course there were some I really liked and I always enjoyed myself when they came over but for me the moment someone comes over and pays me – they are a customer. We can have a great time and a lot of laughs but they are still a customer.
I have heard that the women live in the rooms behind their windows, is that true?
No, that is not allowed.
Have you ever been asked to have sex without condoms?
Yes. Of course, we are not holy people. We all make mistakes. For me that is going too far but of course I have done stupid things. If you work professionally and you think about what you are doing you don’t do that. We don’t live in utopia. We all make human mistakes.
When someone asks you outside of work what you do, what do you tell them?
Working in prostitution is not the first thing I tell someone. If someone asks me if I work in prostitution I will not deny it. I am not ashamed.
Would you say that you are proud of it?
Proud is a very big word but I am also not embarrassed or ashamed of it either.
What are the stranger things people have asked you to do?
To pee on them, which I am ok with. If they want to get peed on or pooped on I am ok with that as long as it is not me and as long as they pay for it.
Have you pooped on someone?
I have. He puked afterwards, but that is his problem.
How do guys you have dated react to you being a prostitute?
My first boyfriend had a hard time with it. He couldn’t handle me having sex with all of these other men. My current boyfriend is ok with it. He understands that it is a job for me.
How often are you tested for STDs?
If you work on a daily basis then of course it is important that you get tested at least once every two or three months but you have to do it on a regular basis.
Do you get worried when you get tested or are you pretty confident that you will be ok?
I am confident. I am careful. I think you have less reason to be afraid when you work professionally in prostitution than when you pick up guys at a bar – then you are more careless.
Why do you think guys come to you?
(Laughing) Because they like my type. There are all kinds of reasons. There are guys that are single that don’t want to spend all night in a bar buying girls drinks and then they have to wait to see if they can have sex with them. There are married men that want something exciting besides their wife. There are also people that have never done it before and are afraid to pick someone up, so they do it with a prostitute.

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