Billabong cougar bikini

Billabong cougar bikini
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Not sure if this story counts but you do have to be careful.
this is common situation. hotell staff sees a new tourist girl, smile to her – hi, what’s your name, where are u from… bla, bla, bla….
did your friend give her contact to anyone of them? hope, she didn’t not.
I am writting about Mohamed Rizk, real name Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Rezk, born in August 1970.
He worked in the army for number of years as an radar engineer. He sustained an injury and had to resign after a back operation.
I’ve met him on a dating site, where he stated himself as a single man. In the past week I have found out that a man was married 5 times, has 2 children in Egypt and with his 5th wife he has a one year old boy. She is on Facebook, with family pictures,etc. Some intimate details: he says to every woman, that she gives him so much pleasure like no one else and that’s why he knows shes the one.
After contacting his wife, Mohamed started asking me to block her and when he comes back from Egypt this Sunday he will tell me the whole story 4/5/2014.
He told me he doesn’t live her and he loves me, that’s why he would leave her eventually. I am sure I’m not the only 1 he has told this too.
He says that he lives in a share flat with 2 Spanish guys and works as an engineer. He’s living with his legal wife and works as a porter on occasional hours.
I was contacted on Facebook by several ladies when I started asking questions. Some approached me themselves. He sends same pictures and messages to each and everyone of them. He asked me to have his daughter for summer of 2014 so she would learn an English language. He asked me to calm down, when he comes back from Egypt he will tell me the thruth story. Some of the ladies were supporting him financially. Personally to me he said he has 3 flats and a house by the sea.
At the moment I know about 12 ladies he’s been seing for the past year 2013/2014.
Why I’m doing this? Not for revenge. I’m doing it because I believe he should be exposed.
This picture he send me and some other women I know. Showing that he enjoys holidays in Egypt where he is staying with one of his ex-wife’s.
does anyone know a Mahmoud Ibrahim from sharm?
Is there any website with names of lovescammers in Hurghada?
russian websites are,
I thought that I was wise, and after many stories before, I believed I would never be so stupid to fall for a guy who would scam me in anyway. I thought that was usually older, lonely women who did that as they were desperate for love.
I thought the guys that women need to be wary of in sharm are the openly pervy ones. But, every women knows these men are bad news. But, the true scam artists are the ones who appear normal, and respectful, offering friendship (at first), and say they are ‘open minded’.
I fell for an Egyptian guy who was all of these things whilst on holiday in sharm. I truly believed he was different, he really had a talent of making me feel around familiar ground. He befriended me, gained my trust, then sweet talked me declaring love and all sorts. I was a fool and returned to Egypt, and before I went I got things from UK shops that he asked for for his friends, and he told me he would give me the money back….never happened. When I was there we also got an ORFI marriage. This was a complete secret to his family, he said they would be ashamed if they knew, and his mother had already called me a ‘European slut’.
When I came back from holidays He would talk about the future, he said he wanted to marry me but spoke of living in my country, the UK. When I told him that I did not earn enough to sponsor a spouse, that was it. He changed, and went out every night with girls to night clubs. Then I was told he was cheating on me by someone else, and he tried to turn the whole thing around, blaming me for the relationship ending.
He then blocked me, and cut all contact. I was very upset, but then thought perhaps it was for the best, his family would only ever accept me if I converted to Islam (turns out he wasn’t open minded at all), and I wasn’t prepared to do that.
Then he started talking to me again, telling me sweet words such as I was the best girl he’s met and he can’t lose me as a friend….then he tells me he’s broke as sharm has no tourists, and he has no money for rent or food. He then asked, not even saying please, if I would send him ?200 by bank transfer.
Maybe I am cynical, but I feel used. For sex, a possible visa, and then for money. But he realised that I was not a great victim for this as I am only young and don’t earn that much to get anyone a visa. But what he has done has made me feel cheap, I feel guilty and like a whore for being intimate with someone that I thought loved me and I loved him. He has convinced me that Egyptian guys are bad news full stop, as even the seemingly nice ones are rotten at their core, seeing us western girls as trash .
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