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After the closure of the US Air base at Waller Field in 1949, the demand for prostitution dropped. [19]
Sociologist Lloyd Braithwaite noted in his 1953 survey Social Stratification in Trinidad wrote: “In the lower-class sections of the town many well-known prostitutes abide, even though technically some have no fixed place of abode. the straitened and precarious economic circumstances that face working-class girls, particularly in the towns, must constantly make prostitution a temptation to them.” [16]
The demand for prostitutes further dropped when the US Naval base at Chaguaramas was scaled back in 1956 and finally closed in 1963. [19] [22]
The United States Department of State reports that prostitution is historically dependent on police corruption. [6] There is also corruption of immigration officials [6] and police in regard to human trafficking. [13] [23] Police provide protection for brothels. Some moonlight at the brothels and provide tip-offs of raids. [13] Part of their payment can be sex with the prostitutes. [13]
In 2013, PC Valentine Eastman, a police officer for 23 years, was charged with 13 [24] human trafficking charges around 3 Colombian women trafficked to a brothel in Marabella. [13] He was the first person in the British Caribbean to be charged with Human trafficking. [13] In 2016 he was committed to High Court for trial. [24]
The islands are increasingly becoming a destination for sex tourism. [10] [7] [9] This tourism is blamed for the rise in HIV on the island. [7] [9] The Trinidadian Minister of Tourism observed that the rise in HIV/AIDs on the islands was becoming severe and out of control because of sex tourism and the beach-bum phenomenon. [25]
Female sex tourism [ edit ]
Tobago is known as a destination for female sex tourism. [8] European and American women come to the island seeking local men. [7] There is an organised tourist trade for the sex tourism; sometimes a local male is included in the price. [7]
In 2016, Shadae Lamar Smith directed the short film The Resort based on sex tourism in Tobago. It was featured on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel. [26]
Human trafficking [ edit ]
Trinidad and Tobago is a destination, transit, and source country for adults and children subjected to sex trafficking. Women and girls from the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Venezuela, and Colombia are subjected to sex trafficking in brothels and clubs, often lured by offers of legitimate employment, with young women from Venezuela especially vulnerable. NGOs have previously heard reports about the availability of child sex trafficking victims advertised through classified ads and children are subjected to sex trafficking for commercial sex by Trinbagonians and foreign sex tourists. International criminal organisations are increasingly involved in trafficking. Police corruption has in the past been associated with facilitating prostitution and sex trafficking. [23]
Most of the victims of sex trafficking are brought into the country by boat, landing on southern peninsula of Trinidad in Icacos, Cedros and other neighbouring fishing villages. [13]
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